About us

On the search for something different, Apartment 9k Street Couture was born. Although the phrase "Street Couture" can seem a little gritty. In this case, we use "Street Couture" as a term that means to represent the culture and be above the trends. Apartment 9K is known for it's unique clothing as well as the go to for something that will make you stand out in a crowd. Our motto "Always the best dressed in the room" is what we aim for nothing less. 

Meet The Owner

Chervon Matthews is the owner of Apartment 9K Street Couture, and as a 20 year Army veteran, I know that it's always quality over quantity that matters most. Born in Yonkers, NY, I grew up in Apartment 9K in School Street Projects. It is there where I started my fashion journey starting out cutting up my jeans and creating my own style. Never wanting to look like the next person. That is why I search high and low for styles that are above the trend and are the next move in fashion. If I can not find it, I will make it! My ultimate goal for the brand  is to have 9K be a fashion house and a status of luxury.

What Apartment 9K Stands For

Apartment 9K, although small, we are not above helping those in need in our community. For Christmas 2020, we partnered with other boutique owners to provide a complete outfit for a foster care child. We will continue this tradition with hopes of ultimately offering more gifts for girls in foster care and prom dresses during prom season. Although I live a comfortable life now, I will never forget those times when I didn't have much.
Apartment 9K is also open to working with charities in support of families affected by domestic violence. If you know of a worthy charity, please contact us at apartment9k@gmail.com.