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10 Reasons to update your wardrobe after QUARANTINA!

Yes, I wrote QUARANTINA! I figured that since we are on forced family love time I will name is something cute. Quarantina, a mixture of the word quarantine and Corona. We have all been chilling around in our houses for the past year. With the roll out of various versions of the vaccine it seems as if the world is opening up. With that being said we have to make sure that we are readddddyyyyy for the STREETS!

In order to do that I decided to give you guys 10 ways to be sure that you are ready for the streets! 

Reason 1

Take a tour through your closet. I know you probably have been wearing mostly PJs or sweats. Take a look! see what you have and start to examine the clothes you have there. You may notice that there are some clothes that have stained or have faded since the last time you wore them. Those should be the first to go. 

Reason 2

I know UBEReats has been a life saver for you and everyone else. How do you think we gained that quarantine 15. You know what I mean. Those 15 pounds you and I have gained since the most exercise we have done was walk from our bedroom to the Livingroom and other new places in our homes. Now is a good time to really think about the clothes we have in our closet. If it was too small before quarantine think about how it fits now? This should be the second to go. 

Reason 3

Apartment 9K and all of those other stores have had awesome sales and this may have left you with a ton of jewelry. Either costume or real. If it has tarnished or is discolored do you really need it or plan to wear it? Toss it (not the real stuff) but the costume jewelry can go!

Reason 4

SHOES! Your shoes have been sitting in waiting for a long time. Your bunny slippers or Crocs that you have been wearing have been doing the trick. But, poor Mr. Bunny's left eye is gone and your Crocs now say "roc" on it. You will need to wear regular shoes soon. With that being said take a look at your shoes. If you questioned why you purchased any of them, then they must go. If they never fit properly or pinched your baby toe to begin with then they can go too. It's all about usefulness now. 

Reason 5

OK, now we may have some time of the month undies. But, if those undies have a hole in them. They should have been gone a long time ago. The whole use of underwear is for coverage. If there is a hole in them then they are useless. Elasticity check! if the elastic can no longer do what it was meant to do and that is hold up your underwear then they must go. If you are wondering why. Then please refer back to Step 4 and the whole bit about usefulness. 

Reason 6

A lot of us have evolved this year. Lets take a look at our closet. Are we still into powder pink? or have we spent the time reflecting and thinking about the universe and we are a die hard purple fan now? If this is the case, it may be time to toss your unicorn shirt for one that shows that your are one with the planets. However you have evolved let your closet begin to reflect that. 

Reason 7

Me and the washing machine have BEEF! Every week we do our laundry and every week one of our socks is taken as tribute. If you have yet to find the match to that sock I don't think you are going to find it sis. Just let it go and the one with the big ol' hole in it as well. 

Reason 8 

Sometimes we go crazy and purchase things we want but don't need. Or need because we earned it. Either way at times we end up with something we love "TWICE". What? Is this only me? Well if you saw the perfect shirt and realized that you have that shirt in the back of the closet already It is time to toss one. More than likely you will need to take a look at the first two steps to figure out which one. One has to go. 

Reason 9

Cleaning out your closet doesn't mean that you are giving up on your wardrobe it is just time for a new look at things and one of those things is your wardrobe. 

Reason 10

COVID 10, 15, or 20. You may have gained or lost more than your mind while on quarantine. One of the ways many people coped with quarantine was to either cook or workout. If you gained it is a great time to take a look at your wardrobe. If you lost the weight then it is definitely a great time to celebrate and look at your wardrobe. 


Well there you have it. I hope I helped you to sort through your closet and in some cases your life. Lets take a look at closet cleaning as a new beginning and not a end. If you happen to look at your closet after all of this and realize that there is nothing left. Let's go shopping and remember you can use After Pay, PayPal, and Sezzle at checkout so that you can get all of your goods now and pay for them later at www.apartment9k.com 

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